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Affordable & Flexible Pricing
Pay for what you use only
We reserve the right to change pricing without prior notice and reserve the right to pre-negotiate a pricing with a specific seller depending on ChannelMAX resource utilization.

  No Contract
  No Listing/Transaction Fee
  30 days trial
  30 days notice to cancel for paid account
  Backup of data for 14 days

  If you are interested ONLY in repricing, please click here and check 'Select A Plan' dropdown.

  For Complete Solution, please see below

   Plan-A    Plan-B    Plan-C    Plan-D  
    5000     15,000     25,000     50,000  
    $34.99     $49.99     $99.99     $149.99  
    $15.00     $15.00     $15.00     FREE  
    FREE     FREE     FREE     FREE  
    FREE     $10     $10     $10  

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