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   Aug 1 2013
 Ver 5.1.1.A.3
  Added support for DHL global mail with tracking ID starting with 92.

   Apr 30 2010
 Ver 5.1.1.A.3
  Corrected Pick List Print issue and introduced muti location shipping.

   Mar 30 2010   Enhanced integration with Buy.COM.

   Mar 30 2010   Added integration with OSCommerce and Yahoo!! Store.

   Ver 5.1.1.A.0   Added USPS Flat Rate Padded Envelop and support for FedEx.

   Ver 5.1.0.M.2   Added enhancement for color customization.

   Ver 5.1.0.L.2   Added Dazzle FlatRateBox-Large and FlatRateBox-Small.

   Ver 5.1.0.L.1   Revenue Report, Error report from Dazzle/UPS, Customized Color coding.

   How it works   Except for shipping component, ChannelMAX is a web based application. The reason ship manager is a desktop because, shipping applications such as Endicia/Stamps.COM, UPS Worldship etc.. are desktop applications. To keep ChannelMAX compatible, we have devised this state of the art tool that works in conjunction with ChannelMAX web. Any work that is done is ChannelMAX web, is reflected in ChannelMAX desktop and vice versa.


   WHAT CAN YOU DO?   Once you download your orders using ChannelMAX, you can navigate through your oders quickly, seamlessly integrate with Endicia, and capture delivery confirmation number..

   UPS MAIL INNOVATION?   ChannelMAX supports UPS/DHL/FedEx mail innovation by offering unique capability to print 4x6 Zebra labels.

    1. Please close ChannelMAX client completely and backup when prompted.
  2. Click on TaskManager and terminate CMaxDownloadService if running.
  3. Click on TaskManager and terminate CMaxServiceNotifier if running.
  4. Please install clicking on the "Download Now" button.
  5. Reboot your machine.
  6. Once rebooted, log on to CMaxClient. Same userid and password as ChannelMAX web.
  7. File --> Configure Auto Download
      Set "Get Tracking Interval" to 1440 and save
  8. At top left, you should see "CMaxServiceNotifier is on",
      otherwise "File --> ChannelMAX Services --> CMaxServiceNotifier --> Start".
  9. At top left, you should see "CMaxDownloadService installed and running",
      otherwise, "File --> ChannelMAX Services --> CMaxDownloadService --> Start".
 10. Once CMaxServiceNotifier and CMaxDownloadService are installed and running,
      you should see them in Windows task manager
 11. Now if you click on "Download" order button,
      you should see a message balloon on your bottom right corner.
      While orders are being downloaded, you can continue working and work with orders downloaded so far.
 12. You can get Firewall notification for blocking it,
       please click on "Unblock" as CMaxClient works with secure connection.
 13. ChannelMAX will auto download orders every 3 hrs from CMax Web.

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