ChannelMAX offers the most comprehensive Repricer or pricing management (repricing) for your listing across many sites such as Amazon (USA, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Japan, China, India), and Walmart. You may have 100 SKUs listed in Amazon or 500,000 SKUs listed on Amazon. ChannelMAX can manage it with ease, it all happens automatically, no manual intervention needed.


1. Automatic Import Of Items From MarketPlaces

ChannelMAX automatically imports your SKUs from all marketplaces, including that of Amazon, eBay, Walmart etc. The FBA SKUs are imported every 2 hours, and non-FBA SKUs are imported every 4 hours. For the newly imported SKUs, the MaxSellingPrice is set to the price on Amazon (at the time of import). The MinSellingPrice is left empty. Please note that ChannelMAX does not reprice SKUs with missing MinSellingPrice.

2. Intelligent Default Strategy

After years of analyzing the best possible repricing rule, ChannelMAX has consolidated these rules into one Default strategy. This default strategy takes into account the listing type of the seller and who it's competing with. For example, when your FBA SKUs compete with other FBA SKUs, how it should react, if your FBA SKUs complete with other non-FBA SKUs, how it should react, if your FBA SKUs compete with Amazon itself, how it should react, etc. Same is true for your non-FBA SKUs. The default strategy also takes into account if your SKU is not new, say used or refurbished.

3. Real Time Repricing

What is 'Real Time' repricing ? That is the question every seller has. Other applications may call it "Continous Repricing". But if you ask me, it correct word is "Real Time Reactive" repricing. Why "reactive"? Amazon has two APIs to work with dynamic pricing management, first and rudimentary one is "Products API" and the more advanced one is "Subscription API", the reason its more advanced because Subscription API returns more data points, data points such as SellerName, FBA indicator, BuyBox eligibility, LeadTimeToShip etc. It's always advisable that you use "Subscription API". Now the question is why its "Reactive"? It's reactive because with Subscription API, when there is a change in price, Amazon gives notification via Amazon AWS's SQS service, then ChannelMAX picks these notifications and reacts to it by either lowering and raising the price.

4. Its all about Algoritm

People generally get very excited hearing the word "Algorithms". No, it's not an Einstein type of work. It's simpler than that. The algorithm helps get away from configuring 1c higher, 1c lower etc. ChannelMAX uses big data and analysis to figure how your items should be priced. Say you continue getting BuyBox at $10, then ChannelMAX will automatically raise the price to see if you get BuyBox at a higher price, if it gets, great, stay at the price, else come back to the older price where you had the BuyBox. This keeps the perennial downward pressure on price at bay.

5. Cannot beat : Then dance with "Amazon"

Also called Amazon YoYo. It's nearly impossible to get BuyBox when Amazon is selling. But if you can make Amazon go higher and come down at a faster pace, then you surely can get some BuyBox, and get some sale. What happens if this process is repeated over and over again, you surely can benefit.


Being FBA is always privileged. But that privilege is shared when you complete with other FBA sellers. In ChannelMAX, the default setting is to share the BuyBox with other FBA sellers, however, ChannelMAX algorithmic repricing tries on its own t push price up.

7. FBA vs nonFBA BuyBox : Maximize

When your listing is FBA, and your FBA listing competes with another BuyBox eligible non-FBA listing, then your FBA listing can be higher than the non-FBA listing and still maintain BuyBox on your FBA listing. Now the challenge is, compared to the non-FBA listing, how much higher the FBA listing should be ? Since Amazon randomizes the BuyBox allocation criteria, it's hard to guess. ChannelMAX's algorithmic repricing finds the maximum distance and maximizes your BuyBox price.

8. Min Max : Calculator

ChannelMAX provides the state of the art calculator to help you figure out your MinSellingPrice. ChannelMAX calculator displays the Amazon FBA Fees and the Amazon commission amount. Once you input your purchase cost (from vendor) and then the desired profit percentage or amount, the calculator will display the Minimum Selling Price needed to make teh desired profit after Amazon commission and FBA Fees.

9. It's rush hour : Charm everyone on the street

Rush hour is only within the specified time window. So there is no need to keep going down and trying to win buyer when the potential to make a sale is very low.

10. Chase the BuyBox

In ChannelMAX, you can strategize by your SKU group. Say if you have a lot in stock and not selling fast enough, you can set the strategy to change BuyBox, let it be 100% or 50% or 30%.

11. Hit vs Flops : Act accordingly

After pricing analysis, ChannelMAX bins your SKUs in three buckets so that you which are competitive and which are not. ChannelMAX bins into three buckets: Holding BuyBox, Close To BuyBox (within 5% of the BuyBox price), and finally Deadbeat (that is more than 5% away from BuyBox. You should have fewer items in the Deadbeat category.

12. Ignore the racer

There will always be someone who will be crazy and just go low and lower and don't care anything about rest of the competition and the price. Everyone will be selling at say $10, and that seller is at $9. Now what you do with this seller? The only thing we can do is to entice him come up. ChannelMAX has an algorithmic strategy to go near his/her price and come up, eventually pulling him up.

13. MAP : Follow the rule breaker

Does your manufacturer enforce MAP (Minimum Advertised Price)? If yes, please read on. If you are the manufacturer, then we can detect the seller who breaks MAP and gives you a daily report. If you are a seller, then also we can help. We can help two ways: Making sure that you never go below MAP, or if you see other sellers breaking MAP, then you also sell below MAP. When no one selling below MAP, then your price will come to MAP and above. You may also choose a time of the day when to seller below MAP.

14. Everyones's personality is different : Strategy by SKU

Just like all 5 fingers are different, your items that you selling on Amazon may need a different strategy. Some are high demand, some are ok demand and some are not selling at all. You can define multiple repricing strategies and assign these strategies at SKU level, that way you can personalize your dynamic repricing by SKU group.

15. Know your Competitors By Name

ChannelMAX uses Amazon's advanced API named "MWS Subscription API". This API has much more data point than Amazon's basic API named "Products API". This subscription API that works in conjunction with Amazon's helps us identify the competitors' seller-ids, the BuyBox eligibility etc. Using this API, we can make exception rules by a seller.

16. Other Related ASIN, Same Item

What is "Related ASIN"? At times, Amazon will have multiple ASINs for the exact same item, may be by mistake or for a genuine reason specifically for insurance sellers or for sellers who sell their own brand. For example, ASIN A100000 and A20000 may relate to the exact same item and you are selling under ASIN A100000 only. By configuring A20000 as related ASIN for the ASIN A100000, ChannelMAX will make sure you are competitive on the item.

17. Feed Min/Max automatically

ChannelMAX will process pricing management at the frequency of your choice. You are welcome to review our pricing plans by a number of SKUs and repricing frequency, including real time reactive repricing. With every process, there will be SKUs that need prices raised, SKUs that need prices lowered, and SKU that needs no price change. ChannelMAX will automatically feed the desired price changes to Amazon, there is no human intervention needed.

18. Get every reprice report FTPed to you

Are you a data scientist? Or have the penchant for monitoring data for collective gain ? Sure no problem, ChannelMAX will share with you all the data that ChannelMAX sees in your account. You simply setup an FTP account and ChannelMAX will feed you the report of after every repricing process finishes to that FTP.



Once you register, ChannelMAX will automatically import your SKUs from Amazon into ChannelMAX. It will import FBA SKUs as well as non-FBA SKUs. The import of FBA SKUs are automated and will import every couple of hours. However, import of non-FBA SKUs are only at the beginning, to automate, you need to enable from 'Settings --> Account --> Selling Venues --> 4(e)'.


For these imported SKUs (FBA and nonFBA), "Min" will be empty and "Max" will be set to your price in Amazon. Once imported, it will not re-import and update the prices. Even if you change your price in Amazon Seller Central, new prices will not reflect in "Max". To enable repricing, you need to set correct Min/Max.


Unless "Min" is filled in, ChannelMAX will not reprice. For ChannelMAX to reprice, you need to input "Min" to a non-zero positive value. If you dont want to set Min for every SKU, that is OK, you may input Min only for those SKUs that you want ChannelMAX to reprice. ChannelMAX also has the option to reprice based on the Max price (set to your Amazon price), you may set you min to be x% below your current price, as and when you input actual Min/Max, then system will use these values for repricing and ignore x% discount rule off Max amount.


You may set you "Min" and "Max" manually or thru file uploader. To upload via file, you upload a tab delimited text file containing columns SKU, SellingVenue, MinSellingPrice and MaxSellingPrice. You may use our Min/Max calculator.ChannelMAX provides the state of the art calculator to help you figure out your MinSellingPrice. ChannelMAX calculator displays the Amazon FBA Fees and the Amazon commission amount.


Using 'Settings --> Repricing --> Repricing Model', You MUST enable the repricing model. Only once you enable, ChannelMAX will start feeding prices to Amazon, that too only SKUs with valid min and max.


ChannelMAX default repriciing settings is perfectly fine as its based on algorithm.


All new users are give 30 mins free phone training on how to use the system.


It's taken care of




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