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Amazon Repricing

ChannelMAX offers the most comprehensive re-pricing for Amazon items. ChannelMAX takes into account shipping into total if applicable. This makes re-pricing possible for Amazon Seller Central which takes into account the item price plus shipping to calculate the total price position the seller accordingly.

Real Time repricing
Using new Amazon API, ChannelMAX allows you to quickly react to price changes by your competitor. We get notification from Amazon and react to it as quickly as possible.

Other selling venues
We offer repricing service for Play.COM, Buy.COM and EBay with catalog IDs in media category.

A 'Unified' approach.
Its a single dashboard using which you can sell in as many Amazon locales as possible. In this unified dashboard, you would be able to see BuyBox, sales rank etc. for each Amazon locale, define Min/Max by each locale and price accordingly.
May review ChannelMAX Dashboard

Set Min/Max by Selling Venue and SKU.

When you sell on Amazon US, Amazon CA, Amazon UK, Amazon DE etc, the min max would have to defined in its local currency. Using ChannelMAX 'Inventory' dashboard, you may define these price boundaries by each locale. You may also define repricing model by Amazon locale.

Strategize FBA nonFBA separately.
It's a known fact that FBA listings get BuyBox even at a higher price. So when you sell an FBA listing, you should be higher than other nonFBA while not being higher than other FBA offers. ChannelMAX helps you with the correct settings.

Setting rule by induvidual SKU or ASIN.
You would have the utmost flexibility to reprice each SKU in a different way for each locale (if needed).

Compete with Featured only.

ChannelMAX allows you to compete with featured merchant only.

Amazon APIs.

We use two Amazon APIs, Amazon MWS-Products API and Amazon MWS-Subscription API.

60 Repricer Parameters. Read about the rules

     Get BuyBox Information and act accordingly.
     Feed MAP Price.
     Get AddToCart hidden Price.
     Decrease price by a certain percent or amount.
     Include Shipping in Repricing
     Reprice special for Featured Merchant Categories
     Price upward.
     If I am the only seller set the Price to my Retail.
     Ignore Sellers With Total AMZN Feedback Lower Than
     Ignore sellers below my floor.
     Ignore Sellers With AMZN Feedback Rating Lower Than
     Ignore Pre-Defined List of sellers
     Compete with only Pre-Defined List of sellers
     Compete in a different way against FBA or nonFBA or Amazon.
     Limit competition to specific shipping availability.
     Take special consideration for your FBA SKUs.
     Limit Maximum Decrease.
     Limit Maximum Increase.
     Many more.

Customised RePrice Rule.

We also do custom reprice rule for one time fee starting at $49.99.

RePrice Speed and Frequency.

We can reprice upto 30,000 items an hour.

Amazon Competitive Analysis Report

We offer to have reprice report FTPed to you directly.


May review ChannelMAX Dashboard

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